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Qessa and the Bouncing Blazer

Qessa and the Bouncing Blazer


Qessa and the Bouncing Blazer - The Rainbow School (Book 4)


11 year-old Qessa Noyse is a quiet girl. Not just because she has Asperger's Syndrome with a noise sensitivity but she has recently moved to a new school. Her brothers challenge her to find something that will cheer her up and that she is better at than they are. This sets of a chain of events, starting with her blazer shining when she tells herself she will find this some thing at school. She's taken to another world where she is a confident teacher teaching others to play the recorder, and playing the recorder in a hall. Can Qessa use her talent with the recorder to build her confidence, make friends and beat the challenge her brothers set her?


The Rainbow School books are not just for children with Asperger’s Syndrome, they are also for their friends and family. The series covers friendship, school and the difficulties a child with Asperger’s faces, with a positive approach which helps readers to understand the disorder.

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