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Rainbow School A-Z of Autism Colouring Book

Rainbow School A-Z of Autism Colouring Book


Rainbow School A-Z of Autism Colouring Book


Looking for a fun and educational activity book for children to learn about autism. This is it. Meet Billy and his friends from The Rainbow School series. This book brings to life some of the scenes from each book, which celebrates and spreads understanding and acceptance of autism. Learn about autism as you colour in Billy reading to his class, Qessa playing her recorder on her own or Alistair having a meltdown.


The Rainbow School books are not just for children with Asperger’s Syndrome, they are also for their friends and family. It covers friendship, school and the difficulties a child with Asperger’s faces, with a positive approach which helps readers to understand the disorder.

This book is ideal for:
- Parents wanting to learn about autism with their autistic children.
- Teachers with special needs pupils who can learn that they can do fun things with their autism.
- Children to colour and have fun learning about children's autism and what it involves.
- Special needs children to learn that they can do things with their own needs and hobbies.

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